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A Nightingale from Vales of Kashmir: Bano Rehmat allures the music lovers at ‘Lok Mela’ 

10 Junie 2011 08:13:33

A Nightingale from Vales of Kashmir:

Bano Rehmat allures the music lovers at ‘Lok Mela’

Bano Rehmat, 20-year-old girl from Kashmir spell bounds many by her sweet and melodious voice during Lok Mela going on at Lok Virsa here.

The moment she mounts on the elevated stage in Kashmir pavilion, people start swarming the area and keep motionless as if they have been frozen by a strange magic.

The Kashmir pavilion which remains unattended otherwise seems to come alive with her melodious presence. Talking to INFN she told, “I have been singing since 2003 when I was a student of grade-III. I started by singing the National Anthem and then there was no looking back.”

“My teacher Saeed Rana was a pupil of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and was attached with Radio Pakistan Azad Kashmir. I have released 6 music Albums in Hindko and Seraiki language and I have the honor of singing the theme song of Play TINKAY being broadcasted by PTV Islamabad.”

Bano is inspired by Madam Nur Jahan and is all praise for the people of the twin cities. Bano’s voice has got recognition too as she was awarded ‘the best singer award’ by Azad Kashmir College.


‘Behind the success of every man, is a woman’ has reversed in Bano’s case as it is rather the other way round. Her father Rehmat Ali, who is a Radio Mechanic in Kashmir, is extending his full support to his daughter’s passion. He accompanies Bano wherever she goes.

Bano’s father on being asked pleaded the Director General PNCA to give his daughter a chance to entertain the people on twin cities by letting her perform at PNCA. He further requested that the government should send the singers of Azad Kashmir abroad to portray the soft image of Pakistan. This nightingale begs the attention government departments, music promoters and art lovers to get a chance to fame that she deserves so well.