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Dumb Artist Leaves the Visitors Speechless at Lok Virsa 

10 Junie 2011 09:52:10

Dumb Artist Leaves the Visitors Speechless at Lok Virsa

Disability literally means impairment, activity limitation, and participation restrictions. Impairment is a problem in body function or structure; an activity limitation is a difficulty encountered by an individual in executing a task or action. However it is often seen that these special people are gifted by nature with extraordinary skill on another front of life.

Kareem Khan, 51, a resident of Hunza Valley is a living example of the aforementioned fact. He is seen absorbed in the intricacy of his work in Gilgit Baltistan Pavilion while the visitors are spell bound by his expertise in weaving carpets, rugs, sheets and traditional blankets.

Nature has deprived him of speech and he is a sufferer of muteness - a speech disorder.

A relative of his, named Saeed Khan accompanies him in the Lok Mela and facilitates him as a spokesman. When INFN talked to him, Saeed translated the questions in Gilgiti language that Kareem understands and then whatever Kareem replied through signals and gestures was transformed to words by Saeed.

“I have been attached to this profession for the last 15 years and I inherited this profession from my father. My father was my teacher and he taught me the art of weaving. I come to Lok Virsa every year and I am very glad to receive an invitation from them,” Kareem Khan conveyed.

“I used to get cash prize from the foreigners who were impressed from my work, and this year too, an English lady gave me Rs 1000 as reward. Sheikh Rashid, when he was a minister came to me and rewarded me with cash award. The people of twin cities are very hospitable and nice,” Kareem concluded and left as it was time for prayer.

Saeed Khan, his aide told INFN, “Kareem never misses his prayer and is thankful to God despite his disability. He listens to local music of Hunza in the spare time and has great taste in Music. He can easily weave one carpet in two days.”