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Wake up ‘Sid’: its time for school 

26 Julie 2010 07:33:02

Wake up ‘Sid’: its time for school

By: Sohail Rashid

ISLAMABAD July 26, 2010: After spending a long time of leisure at homes, students are preparing themselves for a tough routine of classes as academic institutions, after a break of two moths are going to re-open in the first week of August.

Usually what happens, during the summer vacation, students pass most of their time in playing games and visiting various places which besides giving them mental refreshment, makes them lazy too as they follow no routine at all during these vacations. But when they are over, they have to modify their schedule which needs a cerebral effort.

“It seems difficult to wake up early in the morning for class because sleeping till late has become my habit and it will take few days to become familiar again with the same old routine,” said Riaz Khan, a student of M.A at National University of Modern Languages (NUML).

Zulfiqar Ishaq, a student of MBA said that these were possibly his last vacations as he is studying in the last semester and next year he would be hopefully in professional field where such a long leave could not be had.

“After remaining out-of-touch with books for two months, it becomes difficult to re-adjust mind for studying habit,” said Khalid Hussain, a student of MSc. at International Islamic University (IIUI).

Despite the fact that it is hard to re-adjust oneself with academic routine, there are many students who are overjoyed and eager to join their institutions again owing to boredom they had to go through during the long vacations. Ammar Barlas is such a student who said that he was missing his university friends and he wanted to do some sort of chill with them.

“Life without college is like the Sun without light. I can bear hot weather but can’t be away from college life,” said Shahid Maqbool, a student of a Model College in Islamabad.

Students of universities and colleges would adjust themselves sooner or later but the real challenge is for those parents whose children are studying in the Kinder Garden (KG). It is observed that this segment (children) is affected badly during long vacations as having spent most of their time at the maternal-side where they just play and have thrill, it becomes really difficult for the parents to send them back to their schools, once again.

Shaeena Naz’ a house wife said that during vacations, her children have completely changed as far as their habits are concerned and now she will have to tune their minds with sweet motivation to prepare them for studies.  “I have to give incentives to my kids like new uniform, school bag, pens and much more for convincing them to go to school” she added.

No matter whether they are happy or otherwise, but all students will have to go back to their institutions because there is no escape from liabilities in life, -- it is going to be ‘Wake up Sid- its time for school’ once more, for all of them.