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‘Colors of Summer’ on display in the Capital 

26 Julie 2010 07:34:00

‘Colors of Summer’ on display in the Capital

By: Yasir Ilyas

ISLAMABAD July 26, 2010: An exhibition titled ‘colors of summer’ has started in Jharoka Art Gallery in Islamabad having work of five artists from different parts of the country in oil medium displayed on Monday

In the exhibition having the theme colors of summer -- painters have beautifully scattered the colors on the canvass to display the scenes of countryside in Pakistan like the fully grown mustard fields, the rural architecture and simplicity of the lifestyle there.

Work of Ambreen Anjum -- a young artist from Bahawalpur -- is done mostly in abstract form, showing the inspiration of the artist from the nature and human behavior. Similarly, Tanvir Kauser, Shezad Kauser, and Nafeesa Kauser -- artists from Chakwal have beautifully portrayed the colors of Pothohar like the Rohtas Fort and Kitas Fort. Besides it they also gave a touch of rural life in their work.

Hanif Khan is also among them -- an artist from Islamabad, whose work is exhibited in the gallery. He has worked mostly in Calligraphy and Islamic architecture.