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Tailor- the most sought after 

18 Augustus 2010 01:21:10

Tailor- the most sought after

By: Sohail Rashid

With a habit of rushing at the eleventh hour, most of the people probably feel pleasure in getting booked the stitching of their suits in the holy month of Ramadan. We normally do not do a forward planning that makes us vulnerable to any eventuality in our personal or professional life.

Tailoring shops are crowed where the tailor masters seem to be the centre point as people try to get their orders booked on first come, first served basis. Tailor masters work till late even on the Eid moon night and people seem happy even getting their suits ready at the last moment.

Normally, tailor master refuse to book orders in mid month so that they come up to their delivery commitments. They literally place notice boards inscribing ‘Booking closed’ thus depriving many of the people of hand tailored suits and they have to buy some ready made ones.

Some market estimates suggest that due to wrong assessment of the tailor masters while booking orders and uncertain power breakdowns, tailor masters could hardly manage to fulfil 70 percent of their orders and other 30 percent of customers keep complaining of their unfulfilled promises. On the other hand, tailors say that they works day and night in Ramadan with full honesty to complete their all orders but due to several unavoidable reasons, some of their customers are left out for which they are not responsible.

“I have no ill intention for any of my customer and I always try to deal them equally but I can’t make all of them happy by sewing all suits as load shedding hampers our efforts,” said Ilyas Ahmad, a tailor master who has booked a lot of orders.

Iqbal alias ‘kaka’ another tailor master said he could not refuse to accept any customer’s order because he has to face them rest of the year, whereas booking all orders also results into anger of many of his clients whose orders are not fulfilled due to load of work even if I work round the clock.

“Some people pay more than normal rates for placement of their order on urgent basis and I have to fallow their deadline which impact delivery on normal bookings. So in this Ramadan I am not taking urgent orders just to deal all my clients equally,” said Takleem Haider, a tailor at Saidpur road.

Ramadan teaches us to accommodate each other with patience so one should be careful in dealings with others including tailors, let them enjoy their earning season.