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Steps to prevent ‘Dengue’ taken 

25 Oktober 2010 12:11:10 nm

Steps to prevent ‘Dengue’ taken

By: Mushtaq Ahmed

RAWALPINDI, October 25, 2010: Health Department of District Rawalpindi started a fumigation and awareness campaign to prevent the danger of dengue virus in the city here on Monday.

Talking to INFN, EDO health Doctor Zafar Gondal said that the ‘Dengue virus’ has badly spread throughout the country but situation is quite under control in the city. So now city government is going to fumigate the city as a precautionary measure against dengue.

Besides it, the city government has also launched an awareness campaign through print and electronic media to educate people to adopt safety measures so they may not fall victim to the dengue virus.

It may be mentioned here that few cases of the dengue have been registered in the city. The current fumigation and awareness campaign is in progress under supervision of EDO health, Dr. Zafar Gondal and District Officer Health Dr. Khalid Randhava.