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Rural women artists enthrals audience 

16 Oktober 2010 10:16:48

Rural women artists enthrals audience

By: Sohail Rashid

ISLAMABAD: Women artists of rural areas enthral audience with their marvellous performances in drama competition organised by Potohar Organisation of Development Advocacy (PODA) at lok virsa on Saturday.

The theme for the dramas was to highlight the problems of rural women in flood affected areas and domestic violence. Four theatre teams from different rustic parts of the country executed the idea in such a colourful and impressive way that audience seemed wiping their tears on different occasions.

The performance that amazed the audience most was the drama presented by the artists of Hyderabad with the title of ‘Hmari Zindgi’. It was the story of those flood affected families which have lost their all properties, crops and their relatives as well in the stern flood of last monsoon. Amazingly no one was the professional actor from the team of ‘Hmari Zindgi’ but they gave a great touch of reality in their drama that audience felt as it is happening now.

Another drama entitled ‘Umeed e Subh e no’ was presented by Sindhi artists in which they highlighted the apathy of elected MNAs and MPAs in flood hit areas and the evil doings of ‘waderas’ (feudels) in relief activities. The drama also highlighted that how ‘waderas’ had breached the dykes just for saving their crops and their fields.

‘Bedari, theatre Islamabad staged a drama titled ‘Qanoon hona chai da’ (there should be a law). The drama focused on the need for a proper legislation to stop domestic violence.

Later, famous comedian Khalid Abbas Dar, who was the main judge of the competition, declared drama ‘Hmari Zindgi’ as winner of the contest for beautiful performance from its artists. Umeed e subh e no got second while ‘Bedari’ theatre stood on third rank.

At the end, laal music band captivated audience with their voice by presenting back to back energetic songs that were full of hope for a new future of flood affected people.