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Model Colleges of Islamabad: Model of exploitation of teachers? 

16 Oktober 2010 10:15:25

Model Colleges of Islamabad: Model of exploitation of teachers?

ISLAMABAD October 16, 2010: The helpless lecturers and Junior Lady Teachers (JLTs) working in the Model colleges of Islamabad on Daily Wage Basis (DWB)have been made to suffer financially as the Principals of these colleges are not acting upon the orders regarding increase in their fix salary.

In an Office Order, issued by Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), via letter No.F.3-405/96/MC/FDE dated July 21, 2010 and sent to all the principals of IMCs, it was approved and directed that Rs.10000 and 8,000 will be paid to the lecturers and junior lady teachers respectively with effect from 23-08-2010 – the re-opening day of these colleges after the Summer Vacation. But the principals demonstrating their traditional bias against the teachers are not only keeping the orders secret but also paying 8,000 and 6,000 to lecturers and junior lady teachers respectively, in clear violation of the orders issued by the authorities.

“It is pertinent to mention here that while these Principals misuse the college funds worth million of rupees annually, they pose to be short of funds whenever government takes a decision for improving the plight of these ‘builders of the nation,” confided an accountant working in one of these institutions on condition of not being named.

“They (Principals) do not respect us as humans even – we are humiliated, insulted and the fear of losing our job keeps hanging on our heads like the Damocles’ sword and what we get in reward 6-8 thousand, and then the society expects us to work with dedication and commitment,” stated a group of teachers talking to this scribe hoping their names may not be disclosed for fear of inviting the wrath of “the villains that happen to be the ‘Lord of the flies’ in these institutions”, commented one of the teachers sarcastically.

The teachers of model colleges have requested the Education Secretary, Federal Ombudsman and the Chief Justice of the apex court of Pakistan to take notice of the issue and resolve it immediately, failing which will leave them with no other option except either quitting the prophetic profession for good or committing suicide and add to the already alarming numbers of such desperate souls who find solace only in ceasing to be a part of the social system based on the values of exploitation.