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Public curse govt. for increment in corruption 

26 Oktober 2010 12:31:18 nm

Public curse govt. for increment in corruption

By: Yasir Ilyas

ISLAMABAD, October 26, 2010: Pakistan has rapidly ‘accelerated’ and secured the 34th spot in the latest list of ‘most corrupt nations’ released by Transparency International. Pakistan was previously 42nd corrupt state in 2009 and in 2008 Pakistan was at 47th position in the same list.

On other hand, government is continuously claiming to eradicate the corruption from its root, but things on ground and international ratings portray a total different picture.

Dr. Babar Awan, federal minister for Law and Parliamentary affairs rejected the report and termed it a conspiracy against democratically elected government in a statement while having an interaction with the media a couple of days ago, but people do have different point of view.

Irfan Chaudhry, a student of a university said, “Well despite all the tall claims, made by government, corruption has certainly increased during the era of present PPP led government”

The report also claims that a corruption of volume of Rs. 300 Billion has been done in different corporations of the state.

Miss Attia Zulfikar, a varsity teacher said, “The government has also itself accepted many times that the state-run corporations take billions of rupees to fulfill deficit, so I have no doubt on the credibility of the report”

Ch Younis, a high court lawer said,” Government should revive its policies and there is need to exercise good governance in the county and the appointments in public sector should be made on merit”