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People terms ‘increase in prices of petrol’ brutal act 

01 November 2010 11:53:53 nm

People terms ‘increase in prices of petrol’ brutal act

By: Usama Hanif

ISLAMABAD: Recent rise in fuel prices has brought the people to the very edge of their patience. The already inflation -hit nation is suffering sky high prices of commodities and now this petrol bomb blast in their life has brought more problem in their life. The increase in fuel prices leads to rise in prices of daily routine necessities which directly affect the economy of the country.

“Whenever the price of fuel increase, price of everything rises whether any ediable or any other thing everything is effected by the rise in fuel prices” this was said by Muhammad Aslam who is an employee in private office here in Islamabad.

Fahad Khan a student of university said that, “In the past whenever the price of petrol increases it increases from Rs.1 to RS.2 but this sudden increase of Rs.6 is very brutal and cruel act of the government”.

“This increase in fuel prices is going to change the life of a commoner who lives on daily wages because this will increase the price of everything and living will become more difficult and the survival of the poor will be tougher than ever” these were the comments of Ashiq Chaudary who is a daily wager in Islamabad and earns his lively hood by selling fruit along side the road.

“Due to the increase in fuel prices the fares of the local transportation will be increase and traveling for poor will become more costly and difficult as there are already very high fares” this was said by zulaikha bibi who was waiting for bus at the bus stop here in Islamabad.

In the last 12 months, inflation has risen by an alarming 21 per cent and the government has increase the prices of almost all petroleum products have increased in the international market, which is why the government has decided increase the prices. In reaction of increase in the prices, petrol pump owners had closed their outlets in all the major cities, including Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore, Mutant, Peshawar, Quetta and Rawalpindi and made a lot of profit by not selling the petrol. As a result of the increase, the government revenue from the oil products would go up because of flexible general sales tax.