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No more load shedding, decision welcomed 

26 Oktober 2010 12:27:53 nm

No more load shedding, decision welcomed

By: Fahad Bin Amin

ISLAMABAD: In a rare move, Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) announced on Tuesday to end load-shedding in domestic sector across the country. The decision was welcomed by different segments of the society.

As the winter onsets in the country, people get a relief by PEPCO. The life of common people had become miserable as in the summer they faced six to seven hours electricity load shedding on daily basis.

Mrs Saleem Nawaz, a house wife said “After this decision, I hope to live a normal life as our daily routine life has changed adversely because of the worst load shedding.”

She said that she could not manage to prepare her school going children on time. But after the decision to end load shedding, she hoped that normal life would be revived soon.

“The government’s decision to end the electricity shortage is a good relief for common people who even cannot afford UPS when there is electricity shortfall” said Azher Ahmad, a resident of G-6/2.

The government was making lame excuses for the last two years to fix the energy crises in the country. PEPCO has announced several times to end the load shedding but after a short period, the load shedding starts again.

People have also concerns about this new decision that there will be no more load shedding on the permanent basis and the decision is temporary one like the past promises of the government.

“I don’t believe that the decision will last for a long period of time, after some days we will again face the load shedding as it happened before: said Aqeel Hassan, a collage student.

Some people, who can afford a rich life, are not more concerned about the energy crises as they have UPS units at their homes. “I cannot be dependent on PEPCO as I have to manage my time so the decision to end load shedding has no value for me” said Qamar Majeed, a bank manager.

The Government took a good step at the time when many parts of the country have been affected by the devastating flood. But there is need to increase the electricity production by different means and it’s the responsibility of the Government to provide electricity on cheaper rates to the people of Pakistan, who pay heavy taxes from their kit.