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NH&MP must maintain standards of service: Dr. Wasim Kausar 

22 Julie 2010 12:18:39 nm

NH&MP must maintain standards of service: Dr. Wasim Kausar

By: Yasir Ilyas

LAHORE July 22, 2010: Dr. Wasim Kausar, Inspector General, National Highways & Motorway Police NH&MP directed the officers to be dedicated to their duties to maintain the reputation, NH&MP gained.

While speaking in Darbar ceremony held at Lahore Mr. Wasim has directed the officers of NH&MP that all necessary measures be taken for the safety and security of road users so that the commuters may feel sense of security while traveling on roads. He said that the Motorway Police gained a good name and respect due to friendly police culture and good behavior. Therefore, to strengthen and keeping sustainability of this culture, every officer must be dedicated to his duty.

He further said that in case of any accident, special speedy and safest measures should be taken to ensure free flow of traffic on the road. In this respect, no negligence would be tolerated because this can lead to an accident, therefore, these measures may secure the commuters.

He also said that the moving violations should be checked strictly to control the accidents. He also said that during summer season, bursting of tyres is very common, therefore, over speeding should be checked and controlled. The vehicles with worn out and torn out tyres should be checked and instruction be given to change the worn out and torn out tyres to avoid accidents. He also said that it is our responsibility to provide accident-free environment to the public on Highways and Motorways.

He further directed that the use of Seat Belt and lane discipline must be ensured in all conditions, so that in case of any accident, precious lives and property may be secured. He said that the usage of Seat Belt protects from injuries up to 75% in case of any accident. He also said that as most dangerous accidents on Motorway occur due to drowsiness of drivers, therefore, all possible measures be taken to cater this problem. In this Police Darbar, the IG, NH&MP also listened to the problems of the employees and issued necessary instructions accordingly.