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Exhibition managed by event manager ‘Rudaba’ 

29 Oktober 2010 01:41:55

Exhibition managed by event manager ‘Rudaba’

By: Yasir Ilyas

RAWALPINDI, October 29, 2010: A huge, bright and fresh variety of bridal wares, interiors, party favours, household products and items related to event management were put on display here in a exhibition by ‘Rudaba’, a firm deals in interior and event management.

The exhibition which started on Friday will last till November 4, 2010 in ‘Rudaba’ in which different items appealing the aestheticism would be displayed regarding bridal wares, interior designing and event management.

Rudaba is a sister company of green thumb, the company quite famous for interior designing and event management, which has already done interior designing of presidency in Musharraf regime. Rudaba is also working in party favours, dresses and household products.

Talking to INFN, Amina Khan, chief executive of Rudaba and Green Thumb, said, “This exhibition is actually to introduce people with the work of Rudaba because Rudaba is relevantly new as people are familiar with the work of Green thumb.”

“We will also assure the same quality. Now Green Thumb will work in interior, landscaping and event management, while Rudaba will deal in bridal and party wares and household items.” She added.

Different items, beautifully made are put on a display in different segments, lady hand bags and accessories are placed in separate section, followed by bridal wares and then different household items, used for decoration.

Rabia Raheem, a visitor termed the Rudaba a good addition to the arena of fashion in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. “This is a wonderful exhibition to visit, I liked certain things and I am looking forward to hire services of the Rudaba for several coming functions.” She said.

It may be mentioned here that Rudaba and Green Thumb could be hired for different services in order to manage certain functions. Besides these services, both the firms offer consultancy as well to manage different functions.