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‘Chotay Ustad’ finds media partner 

30 Oktober 2010 01:24:25

‘Chotay Ustad’ finds media partner

By: Sohail Rashid

ISLAMABAD 29, 10, 2010: Rouhan Abbas, the winner of ‘chotay ustad’, a singing competition held last month in India, has found his media partner.

“I have signed an agreement with Real Advertisers, an advertising agency for one year as my media partner” Rouhan revealed in a press conference at National Press Club on Friday.

He further said that Real Advertisers will arrange his concerts in different cities of Pakistan to promote him as emerging singer. Rouhan also thanked the whole nation, media and his all fans for voting him during the competition. “It’s not only my win, but it is a victory of whole Pakistan. People gave me such an honour and respect more than my expectations and I promise to fulfil their expectations from my side in future as well” Rouhan stated.

Rouhan further told the media persons that it has become difficult for him to go even in school because wherever he goes, people gather there so he is thinking to continue his study as a private candidate.

At the end, Rouhan demanded of government that there should be same singing competitions in Pakistan as of India to promote the music and to provide the new singers with a platform.

It may be mentioned here that Rouhan Abbas is the first Pakistani who has won any singing competition from India in the history of musical competitions. He belongs to a musical family as he is the son of Farman Jafri, a classical singer and the grand son of famous ghzal singer Shoukat Ali.