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Students’ career at stake 

15 September 2011 07:06:30

Students’ career at stake

Human rights violation continue in Parachinar

Hundreds of stranded students of Pakistan in different cities who study in different schools, colleges and universities, some of whom have gone to their homes for celebration of Eid are still marooned and are being treated inhumanely.


As these students were protesting peacefully in Parachinar, the Levies and the Frontier Cops (FC) allegedly opened indiscriminate fire on them injuring 3 and making many faint due to the excessive use of the tear gas by the forces.


The stranded students staging the protest were demanding the government to do something for them to resolve their issue of coming back again from their native places to those parts of Pakistan where they are studying, said Hassan Jan a representative of the youth of Parachinar.


Mussawar Ali said talking to INFN, “We came to our hometown for celebrating Eid but for going back we had a problem because the Tal-Parachinar road is too dangerous to travel and we were demanding the government to provide help of conveyance like Helicopter or anything like that to bring us back to our previous places where our people were studying, working and living temporarily.”


Hassan Jan said while talking to INFN, “The government is not at all interested in helping us out in sorting out even a single problem of transportation which our students are facing for quiet long but it has deteriorated manifolds in the recent month. Our people can’t use the Afghanistan route which has become very dangerous for us because within few months lots of our people have been killed and kidnapped. We are requesting the government to help us because we are in a very miserable situation.”


Precious time of students belonging to and originating from Parachinar is being wasted and their education careers are at stake as the semesters are being wasted at different universities. Those doing jobs are at the verge of losing jobs altogether.


The people and youth of Parachinar have requested the government and law enforcement agencies to take immediate steps to evacuate the students from the area to transport them back to their alma maters otherwise these areas that are already backward will be thrown back in the darkest ditches of ignorance and illiteracy.