Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Life is but pain with 4 ‘special’ sons, 2 jobless daughters 

19 September 2011 07:13:37

Life is but pain with 4 ‘special’ sons, 2 jobless daughters


Perhaps no human being would like to have ‘special’ children if given a chance to exercise choice and it is Allah, the creator of this whole universe who chooses some special people to test their patience and belief. It is hard to justify ways of God to men. Nobody can meddle with His designs and there is a special purpose in His artifices. He could have created all the human beings same in knowledge, wealth, status and health but He did not because He wanted to see whether there is patience, sympathy and compassion in humans.


Almas Bibi is leading a terrible life along with her 4 mentally and physically retarded children living in Jand, a Tehsil of District Attock. The other two children who are ‘not so special’ cannot find any place to work to supplicate their domestic expenses because of the precarious/shaky and appalling financial condition of the family.


She has 4 sons and 2 daughters. Her 2 sons are physically and mentally impaired; her third son Umair Khan, 6 is a heart patient. Her elder son Sheraz Umer, 25 became a victim of a mishap in Kashmir during his service in the Telenor mobile company.


She said, “They cannot walk and speak but just lie on the bed like living corpses and I feed them all day like babies which is a very hard to bear. However, two of my daughters are healthy and have done matriculation but unfortunately are unable to find any job in order to supplicate their family.”


“The private telecommunication company didn’t provide any help for the treatment of my son who got disabled on duty. They promised to provide him a permanent salary of Rs6,000 per month but they backed out of the promise after a span of 7 months. I took loans from people to get medical help for my son but to no avail.”


“I request the high-ups of the society to help me out of the miserable state of life”. In case you want to extend some generous help to this brave lady, please contact