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A desperate mother yells out cry for getting her daughters the basic right -- Education 

05 September 2011 10:47:25 nm

A desperate mother yells out cry for getting her daughters the basic right -- Education


Widowed Shama Shafqat’s appeal for educating her daughters

There is much hue and cry in almost every part of the world that the level of literacy should be increased. This however seems a far fetched feasibility as thousands of poor children cannot even afford to think of going to school due to lack of resources and keep weeping and insisting for going to school.


This is one of the thousands of stories that have the mother as protagonist crying out for help to the generous people only for the sake of attaining education while her four daughters weep and are obstinate to go to school but the mother is helpless.


Getting education is obligatory upon every Muslim man and woman despite their status, role or richness. Even our Holy prophet has not left a single stone unturned for preaching the masses to get education. As he said: “Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.”


Shama Shafqat, 34, along with her four daughters who are all of school-going age is leading a miserable life after her husband died 5 years back. Her two daughters were studying in school at that time but they had to leave the school due to its expenses because she can hardly even manage one time meal a day for the children.


“I live along with my four daughters in a rented house in Dhamyal Rawalpindi with my aged father which costs me Rs 4000 per month. I sew and stitch as part time job and besides it I work in a nearby beauty parlour from where I get almost 2000 per month. So I scarcely fulfil my household needs and I am really in a great trouble as I am the sole bread winner for the family. I buy things from shops on credit,” she said while talking to INFN.


She further said that when her husband named Liaqat died 5 years back she started living with her aged mother and also was compelled to put an end to her two daughters’ education. That time her elder daughter was in fifth class and the younger one was in second class. It’s been 5 years since the two daughters are sitting idle at home and now my other two daughters are of school-going age but we have nobody to help the children educated.


“My daughters weep and insist on going to school but I cannot afford it. If any altruist or philanthropic NGO or government official help me to get my children educated, it would be a great service to the already bereaved nation.” She lamented being as unfortunate to be born poor in such a cruel society.


She further said that she would be greatly relieved if her two problems are solved: first, of her children’s education which is the utmost important and the second one is her residential problem. If anyone wants to put the miseries of Shama Shafqat (the mother of four children) to an end, he/she can contact us at Infnservice@gmail.com.