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The last Friday of Ramadan: ‘Jum’ah tul-wida’ Observed with Religious Reverence; 

29 Augustus 2011 01:25:18

The last Friday of Ramadan: ‘Jum’ah tul-wida’ Observed with Religious Reverence;

Special prayers offered for stability and peace


The Muslims across the country including those living in twin-cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad observed Juma-tul-Wida, the last Friday of this sacred month of Ramadan with religious fervour and sanctity on Friday.

A great number of devotees attended the Juma prayers in different mosques for seeking divine blessing for peace and progress of country. People in bulk performed Friday prayers in Mosques and other big gatherings and on last Friday of Ramadan people’s rush in mosques and other places multiplied manifold.


Faithful offered prayers with great honour and respect as the day stands key importance for the Muslims all over the world. Faisal mosque was seen full of the devotees too.


On this occasion special prayers were also offered for peace and prosperity of Pakistan especially for restoration of peace in Karachi while quelling the riot-stricken areas of Pakistan as well.

Hundreds of devotees of Islam prayed with great enthusiasm and respect while this was the last Friday which has a great importance amidst this holy month of Ramazan. Not only this day plays a vital role but also the whole last phase of the Ramazan becomes special due to it.


Ulemma and Mashaikh delivered lectures and gave sermons on the importance of Ramadan and emphasized the faithful to follow the path of Allah Almighty and the Holy prophet (Peace Be upon Him) and to act upon the teachings of the prophet.

Special prayers were also offered for the prosperity of the country and for the solidarity among the Muslims as well as unity of the Muslim Ummah.