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Nuisance in Pursuing Higher Studies: 

20 Augustus 2011 04:03:35 nm

Nuisance in Pursuing Higher Studies:


Students demand ‘uniform testing system’;


Universities prefer high-achievers, where should the mediocre go?


Getting admission in university is really an uphill task rather a Herculean one. Students get mad during these tough times of three to four months when they apply trying to get admission in different universities to pursue further education.


It is no doubt a very great thing to get higher education but the process of entering into a university is so difficult and beyond the capacity of innocent children who don’t have much awareness regarding the complicated procedure.


Abdul Wahab is among those students who had to pass through mental agony after passing the A-level Exam wondering how to take admission at a university to follow studies in his favourite subject. He shared his trouble talking to INFN saying, “This year I have passed A-level exam and I have bought at least 4 prospectuses from various universities to apply for all of them.”


“I thought that at least in one university I will get selected and also get my desired subject. This, however didn’t happen when I came to know about my test’s result.”


“I received a call that you have been selected in your third subject priority which you have chosen during filling of form.”


“I don’t actually like that subject which is Environmental Engineering so now I am almost stuck that what should be done regarding this.” He added.


Muhammad Kamal who have clinched 75% marks in FSc. but he is still confused that how and what he should do to feel relax by easily adjusting himself; he said while talking to INFN, “I have taken entrance tests in different universities but I couldn’t get admission in my desired subject”.



A university teacher explained, “Hundreds of students do FSc. and A-level or the equivalent course but they don’t have the awareness about the uphill task which a student has to go through before entering a university but there should be a proper counselling at the college level which could enable students to easily adjust into a university in case they want to pursue higher education.”


“Most of the students in Pakistan after getting college degree start to work and have to quit thinking of further education only because they are weak in English language owing to the fact that after intermediate nearly all subjects are in English”. He further added.


“What is the meaning of a test for taking admission in a university? If one wants to learn and have the curiosity to learn then they should be indiscriminately given admission. In good universities those students are selected who are better in studies already but dilemma is that what would become of those students who are weak but have the desire, enthusiasm and willingness to work hard as well. Those students are ignored.


A university is only good and would be called a great institution if it takes in weak students and make them gems by bringing out their hidden talent; only then we can say they are doing the great job of serving the nation,” he argued.


Diverse testing system is widespread and rampant in this country making the life of the students miserable. Students are pleading to ban this sort of mental-torture while only one system of testing should be introduced which would check the talent, knowledge and capacity of the student.