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Nepalese Scholar Visits IPRI 

17 Augustus 2011 11:52:43

Nepalese Scholar Visits IPRI


A Nepalese scholar Mr. Uddhab Pyakurel visited Islamabad Policy Research Institute (IPRI) on Wednesday.


Mr. Uddhab is currently pursuing Phd at the Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, and is focusing on Dalit Politics in Nepal.


Mr. Uddhab briefed the IPRI scholars about political history of Nepal and recent transition from monarchy to parliamentary rule which has great historical importance as an ancient monarchy has transformed into a republic, a Hindu state has become a secular polity, an exclusivist society has become inclusive and Maoist revolutionaries have become democrats.


The Maoists who are the largest group in the parliament have 38% representation followed by the Nepalese Congress and the Communist party. The challenges facing Nepal are the tedious process of constitution making that has been delayed by the rigid positions taken by the coalition partners. The peace process is even a bigger a challenge since it involves the disarming some 90,000 Maoist guerrillas.


He also revealed that Nepal has a huge potential for hydropower generation but due to neglect has to suffer long hours of load shedding. He said the academicians and intellectual class in India favoured closer people to people ties with Pakistan. He noted the Nepalese were fortunate to have visa free travel facilities in both India and Pakistan.


The briefing was followed by a question answer session. Acting President IPRI, Dr. Maqsudul Hassan Nuri presented IPRI shield to Mr. Uddhab.