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ITP’s Good-will Gesture for Independence Day: 

14 Augustus 2011 06:02:44

ITP’s Good-will Gesture for Independence Day:

Gives away national flags to motorists

As the day of Freedom is going to be celebrated with full fervour and enthusiasm on Sunday, every Pakistani is preparing to commemorate this day with national patriotism.

Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) is also playing its part in this celebration by distributing thousands of flags amongst the road users including motorists, motorcyclists and the pedestrians as well.

“We have made a special preparation for the celebration of the Independence Day. We have arranged thousands of flags for the people of the federal capital to fix it on their bikes and cars whosoever comes across us,” Muhammad Raifan a constable said while talking to this agency.

“We are greeting people with our national flag and they are really enjoying this nice effort of the traffic police. This day comes once a year, so we should celebrate it with full swing while abiding the traffic rules as well.”

While another traffic police personnel said that mostly people overlook the traffic rules and regulations on the eve of the Independence Day while they are also risking their own lives along with lives of the others which should be avoided.


At the back of these mini flags different Public Service and road awareness messages have been printed like ‘wearing of helmet while riding bikes’ and ‘avoid using mobile phone while driving’.