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Playing With Lives of People; 

17 Augustus 2011 11:52:03

Playing With Lives of People;


‘Un-registered druggists’ selling ‘un-licensed drugs’


The twin-cities have seen a surge in the business of drugs and medicines due to its lucrative nature. On the other hand the surge in the impostors has also been reported who sell unregistered medicine and these drugs themselves aren’t legally permitted to them but despite that their mushrooming day by day while is synonymous of playing with the lives of common people.


“The criterion for selling any drug on shop is that the person should have proper registration of their shop along with their D-pharmacy degrees.


He (the chemist) himself should be present in the shop and another unqualified persons should not be allowed to sell medicines on their own.” Kashif Raza a student of pharmacy told INFN.


“The drug should be sold only on a qualified doctor’s prescription, without which it is but illegal to sell. Apart from the medical centres, medicines are also available in different General Stores causing problem for ordinary people. The shopkeepers there don’t have knowledge of the expiry day but just have put them in the shops as if these are sweats.” He added.


“Hosts of these shops and ‘so-called’ medical centres are present in the rural as well as urban areas putting on risk the lives of the people while no check is ever kept,” Muhammad Iftikhar another licensed druggist in Abpara Market told INFN. “It is the duty of the government to keep a vigilant eye on these unlicensed druggists and save us all,” he pleaded.