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Bullets Won’t Reach Journalists Now; 

17 Augustus 2011 11:51:22

Bullets Won’t Reach Journalists Now;


Private Company Provides PEV as Govt is Least Bothered


Owing to the deteriorating working conditions and life threats for the journalists in Pakistan, a private company has gifted a bullet proof van to the National Press Club (NPC) Islamabad.


This has been done to facilitate the journalists for covering high-risk events.

The ‘Personnel Evacuation Vehicle’ (PEV) donated by Wackenhut Pakistan (Pvt) Ltd can also be used to quickly evacuate journalists from tricky situations, officials have said.

“This will indeed be a great help and could come in handy in events that pose risks to journalists performing their professional duties,” said a senior newsman.

Pakistan has been termed by international media watchdogs as the most dangerous country for journalists.

Already this year, ten journalists have been killed in Pakistan. More such vehicles should be provided by the government too if it fails to provide security to the journalists.