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No end to public woes; Govt all set to drop ‘petrol bomb’; 

17 Augustus 2011 11:44:14

No end to public woes; Govt all set to drop ‘petrol bomb’;


Prices of petroleum products to be increased before Eid

As a few weeks are remaining before Eid and people are already distressed with load-shedding, gas-load-management, inflation and terrorism however, the government is still planning of increasing the prices of already rare commodity ‘petrol’.


This time the government is planning of making this out of the reach of the middle class as well as the rich people. The government has reportedly approved to increase the level of commission to 47% but saying that it will be imposed in three phases in order to avoid sudden hike and a burden on the people’s life.


“The prices of the petroleum product have already reached almost to Rs 86 per litre which is too much for the poor people like us who couldn’t afford it. When the petroleum prices are raised it not only affects those who use generators and bikes but it influences the overall market and it is directly related to the daily-use commodity prices,” Kamran Mansoor a student of economics said registering his protest to INFN.


“There is a world of difference between the prices of petroleum products of 2009-10 with 2011 and I think this government is going to make this a unique product and out of the reach of people living in this country,” he doubted.


Shakeel Mehdi commented on the news saying, “Motorcycle is used only by the middle class people and it’s a cheap transport as well but now as for as I know this is also going to be an expensive one within few months”.


The distressed people are very much worried about what would happen to them while majority of people are the users of this cheap means of transportation. The masses of the twin-cities are calling upon the authorities concerned to restore the prices of the petrol to its genuine prices and reverse the decision of increasing the ‘commission level’ to relieve the already burdened people.