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GHQ Attack Case: 

14 Augustus 2011 05:59:49

GHQ Attack Case:


Military Court awards ‘death’ to Dr. Usman


4 ‘imprisoned for life’, 2 ‘for 7 years’


The Military Court  has reportedly convicted the GHQ accused involving the leading culprit, a retired soldier Dr. Usman, for ‘death penalty’ and 0.2 million fine.


The other culprits who included an Ex-Army soldier ‘Imran Siddique’ was given life imprisonment besides 0.1 million fine along with civilians Khaliqur Rehman, Muhammad Usman and Wajid Ali.


The two accused civilians Muhammad Adnan and Tahir Shafiq were given seven year sentence for assisting the culprits in attacks and helping them to find their targeting places.


The Field General Court headed by Pakistan’s Army Brigadier has delivered the verdict on unidentified place after the five month long proceedings. The proceedings were continuing for five months on unidentified placed.


The prime accused Aqeel alias Dr. Usman has also been found involved in a number of other terrorism activities for instance the Marriot Hotel attack in September 2008 and others.


Earlier on 10 October, 2009 the militants had attacked the General Headquarters GHQ Rawalpindi with heavy weapons including suicide jackets and held off army commandos for several hours.


The militants had martyred at least 10 soldiers while several others were injured in this attack. In reply the Army had also launched an operation against them and killed 9 attackers out of 10 while one was arrested in wounded state that was identified as Aqeel alias Dr. Usman.


On further investigations he was accused as the master-mind of this attack. According to media reports the convicts have been transferred to Adiala Jail for their imprisonment.