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Drama ‘Unity’ performed at PNCA: 

14 Augustus 2011 05:12:02

Drama ‘Unity’ performed at PNCA:


Commemorates sacrifices rendered by Muslims for Independence


The Muslims of South Asia after long and tiring efforts while rendering hosts of sacrifices got independence at last where they could practice Islam according to their own way and work free without being hindered by anyone.


The young and amateur artists of the PNCA presented a drama about the boundless sacrifices rendered by the Muslims to get rid of the British-India control in the sub-continent.


The theme and title of the drama was ‘Unity’ where the actors in drama said that we got Pakistan independent in the name of Islam. There are people in our country who have done M.A in Islamiat but they are not considered good and are deprived of the jobs.


But other characters said that if we along with M.A don’t know the meaning of the Pakistan then how we would succeed.


The new talent brand which is being trained by the PNCA also presented national songs i.e. Mili-Naghmay and Karate as well. PNCA is giving opportunity to mostly new talented youth and new artists to entertain people while polishing their talent as well.


Tauqeer Nasir said, “A lot of talent is in our country but we only have to give them an opportunity and a platform where they could polish themselves. Our forefathers have given too many sacrifices for this country and we should not waste their efforts which they made but we should give prosperity to our country while living peacefully, with unity and love”.


“We all should know it as our individual responsibility and this way progress will be in our hand. PNCA is the organization where we promote our culture and we also give promotion to our cultural heritage”.