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Beware of cheaters: 

12 Augustus 2011 12:01:54 nm

Beware of cheaters:


Unique way of befooling simpletons;


Cyber crime goes unchecked


As unemployment and the price-hike in the country increases, a majority of the unemployed youth is busy in some way or the other trying to cheat people with some special tricks.


One such trick is calling on various mobile numbers from the same network and trying different tactics to defraud people.


People have been complaining about this trend of cheating people for quit long but the surge has been reported in the last four months.


Munim Shahid, a resident of Satellite Town told INFN, “I have received so many calls from the same network, while the caller insisted that he was calling from a call centre. I was told that you have won .5 million or sometimes 2 million prize money. Please give us your whole bio data regarding where you live, what you do, your name, your father’s name, your CNIC number etc.”


“The dubious callers also entangled me in such a way that I was helpless in front of them and the callers pretended to be simpletons with I being very cunning.” He added.


Mr. Zahid another student who complained of the same trick being applied on him told, “I received a call early in the morning and the caller who pretended to be calling from a call centre said that you have won Rs 1 million and they have been advertising my number for the last 10 days in different commercials.”


Munir Khan, a businessman explained how he became a target of this cheating while complaining of this evil saying, “I also got a similar call so many times while they were saying you have won Rs 1 Billion. So you only have to give your details and also tell if you have account in any bank so that we can transfer the money you have won in your account.”

“But before transferring the money, they asked me to send 20 mobile cards of Rs 100 each. I did as director. They told me that money would be transferred within two working days. I have been visiting my bank daily for a week now. The money was never deposited into my account rather the bank staffers have started making fun of me. Now I have realized that I was looted.”


The practice of looting simple citizens has been continuing for the last many a year, however, no action has been taken to check this criminal activity. If the citizens go to police stations for lodging an FIR of such crimes, the police officers have been reported to laugh the matter away instead of taking any action.


A crime is a crime, no matter how it is executed. Cheating is undoubtedly a serious punishable offence and a stern action should be taken by the government’s law enforcement agencies in cooperation with the cell phone provider companies in order to set an example for others so that no one can take the act lightly and be able to gather courage of looting people.