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Celebration of Independence Day Gathers Momentum 

12 Augustus 2011 12:00:24 nm

Celebration of Independence Day Gathers Momentum


Despite sky-rocketing price-hike, people are very enthusiastic about preparing for commemoration


Preparation for the celebration of 64th Independence Day like the previous years is on full swing with it being only a day away.


Despite miseries of load-shedding, corruption, idleness which people are suffering from, they are all set to make this day memorable as it is not an ordinary day but a very exceptional one because Pakistan was separated from India on the basis of ideology.


Our forefathers have rendered manifold sacrifices for the freedom of this separate and strong Muslim Nation State where Muslims could easily live and practice Islam according to their own way freely without facing any resistance or hostility from the community.


The people of twin cities are busy in preparing for this day’s celebrations with full zeal and fervour especially the children. They have special taste for this day.


Different shopkeepers have also started decorating their shops in a gorgeous manner with flags, buntings, badges and stickers.


The rush of buyers of this decoration material for the celebration is huge while on the other hand the shopkeepers have kept the prices of their items very high. They are selling things on three different rates like the small flag is sold at Rs 250, the medium one is worth Rs 350 and the full-sized flag is being sold for Rs 600.


Karim Saeed, a father who was buying things for celebration of the Independence Day along with his children said, “Mostly children become happy and joyous due to these events like Independence Day and Eid but on this day even the elders get happy due to the freedom they have been blessed with.”


“This is, you can say, a feeling of affection for the country. No doubt our country is passing through a very tough time but despite that people are happy at least they have liberty to do whatever they like to do,” he added.


The shopkeepers seem to have started benefiting from this day too and they are surly enjoying ‘freedom’ in the wrong sense as they are enjoying the freedom of fleecing people beyond their capacity which should be checked.