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Crazy driving as Iftar approaches can be dangerous 

10 Augustus 2011 05:11:20

Crazy driving as Iftar approaches can be dangerous


The most important lesson of Ramadan is to have patience while dealing in day to day life matters and restraining oneself from the bad things which is the soul of fasting.


People call the hour before Iftar ‘the rush hour’ because everyone is seen in a hurry to reach the destination while driving with breakneck speed, violating the signals without caring of the other people present around them.


This is not only hazardous for them but for others as well but we do not show any patience at all and in this way the real purpose of fasting is lost.


The road is congested by a large number of vehicles while everyone is busy trying to take some stuff for the Iftar dinner and the whole bazaar depicts the scene as if the imprisoned people have been set free who have not eaten even a single morsel for days.


Kashif Saleem said, “It is the only time we break our fast along with our family collectively if we do not reach our home for fasting then we feel disgusted. That’s why we are in a hurry to reach our home earlier than others.”


“There are some people who drive their car with craziness because they really feel the hunger due to the 15 long hours of fasting,” he added further.


Kaleem Shahid, a traffic personnel said, “Near Iftar the surge of the traffic is huge and it is beyond control. We try our level best to control it and as for as we are over here on the signals there is no violation but when we go for Iftar while listening the call for prayers, we can’t guarantee of any non-violation while everyone is trying to surpass another in reaching their homes in time”.