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A dangerous trend of bad eating habits: 

10 Augustus 2011 05:10:27

A dangerous trend of bad eating habits:

Surge in the use of oily, fatty and fried food in Ramadan

As soon as the month of blessings comes near the increase in the use of fried, junk foods and spicy food shops are seen to experience a boost in sale of spicy, oily foods.


In every part of the city the fried, oily and fatty foods like Pakoras, Samosas, rolls and kachori sell like hot cakes.


People like to buy these fried foods happily and eat excessively but are not aware of the hazards of too much use of these oily stuffs which are bad for health as well.


The Ramadan is the month in which people can discard any habit like smoking, in addition to anything or any bad habit as well as setting of eating style, which is a very good opportunity for Muslims.


“A rush of the customers is viewed in almost all the shops selling the fried and spicy foods. The Iftar dinner is incomplete without the presence of these Samosas, Pakoras and other fried foods like snacks,” said Muhammad Haleem one of the customers present in the market while he was buying the fried food items near Pindora.”


It is need of the hour that people should understand the danger involved in adopting such unhealthy eating habits.