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Disability is a test of God for humans 

08 Augustus 2011 05:54:09

Disability is a test of God for humans


Sohail Khan, the father of disabled boys waiting a miracle for their treatment


Sohail Khan a barber by profession is living in Pindsultani, a remote village of Attock might need many lives to earn enough money for the medical treatment of his two blind sons.


Sohail Khan 34 has no house of his own while living in his brother’s house temporarily. He runs a hairdresser shop in Pindsultani from where he earns not more than Rs150 per day. He pays Rs300 as rent of the shop and almost the same amount for electricity bill as well.


Sohail Khan while talking to INFN said that his two sons Hasnain 4 and Zulqarnain 2 year old are blind by birth and he does not know whether his sons eyesight could be restored or not.


Sohail Khan says, “When my first son Hasnain was born, my aunt told me that your son is blind, I didn’t believe her that time while I started quarrelling with her. But later on I accepted this bitter reality.


“I came to know about the blindness of my second son Zulqarnain after one month of his birth. I was greatly dejected and worried but with the passage of time I have to accept it as a trial from Almighty Allah.


I took my sons to a nearby eye-specialist but was disappointed when he told me that the eyesight of my sons could not be restored. I took my sons to Al-shifa eye trust but was disappointed when the doctors told that both of my sons were completely blind,” He added sadly.


When asked whether he ever complained to Almighty Allah for creating his sons blind Sohail said, “I never thought of it as it is a test for me.” Replying to another question he said, “I never consider my blind sons as burden on me.”


“I wish my sons’ eyesight could be restored and they could see the world around with their own eyes.” He added

The father of the two blind children has requested the government to provide free treatment and financial aid for their better care so that he could easily look after his sons and get their treatment.