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Strenuous work: 

08 Augustus 2011 05:49:13

Strenuous work:

Courageous lady fights for survival despite impairment

Disability is not the choice of the people living on this earth but it’s the will of God Almighty, his special purpose and trial of the whole humanity.


He wants to check the people living around the impaired person and this is the check of human beings whether we take care, help them or use tender words while dealing with them but such people are often left in the lurch in the society and also people look down upon them.


Shahida Parveen, 30, a physically disable lady try moving while sweeping on the roads with difficulty in the search of bread and butter and begging along with her niece in different areas of the federal capital.


“By birth I got this disability, my lower part from belly to the feet is paralysed while I have no one to support my family. I live in Maira Abadi G-11 Islamabad in a rented house along with my mother and one sister who has come of age but we can’t afford to get her marriage.


I am the sole disabled member of my family as my other sister is physically normal and has sound health.”


“I go to different places in the federal capital with an intention to get few pennies from people. I visit Faisal Mosque, Blue Area and at times to Golra but I hardy get 300 after a long hard work of moving in this scorching hot.”


She said that they are three family members living in a rented house which costs normally 4000 per month which makes it very difficult for them to afford while she has one sister unmarried and she wished for financial aid to be given to them in this regard so that they could easily get her married.


She said, “I would be very thankful if someone helps me while making for me a shop or anything like this which will give me money and support me constantly.”

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