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Ramadan Night Cricket Starts with full zeal and zest 

06 Augustus 2011 03:57:38

Ramadan Night Cricket Starts with full zeal and zest


The Holy month of Ramadan is considered for offering prayers and other religious activities because in this month the virtues are showered more than any other month of the Islamic calendar.

Some people are always busy in prayers and some are doing other activities such as playing cricket and other games for the whole night up to Sehri time.

In Pakistan cricket is the only game which is now being more watched as well as played. Especially when the month of Ramazan comes, the surge of playing cricket reaches to the highest level. The youngsters have only the night time when they feel free to play cricket, though in morning time they keep fast and perform other routine works.

In some places special lights have been fixed for this purpose while others play in temporary lights. This shows the passion and love of our youngsters for cricket.

This Ramadan cricket is continuous with full zeal and zest in night time on the roads and streets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Special tournaments of “stipulated overs” have begun in various parts of Islamabad and Rawalpindi in which large number of youngsters are participating with their teams. These tournaments will continue till the end of this month.


The speciality of these tournaments is that they used some rules and regulation, for instance, they reduced the number of balls an over from 6 to 4 and playing stroke in any particular side could be restricted to make the game more interesting.


This kind of cricket is being played now a day at Bhara Kaho and G-10 Sector Islamabad, Mohalla Banni Rawalpindi and Sir Syed Town Rawalpindi.


Talking to INFN the resident of Banni Rawalpindi Sheikh Waqas said, “This is the only month when we play cricket at night. We participate in every tournament in the outskirts of Rawalpindi. These tournaments start after the ‘Tarawi’ and continue to ‘Sehri’ time. He said that in morning time we keep fast and in night we want some kind of chill which we fulfil this way.


Atif Munir, 22, living in G-10 another youth and lover of cricket said, “We have a tradition of playing cricket in Ramazan nights. Earlier our elders had played in night and now we are playing so this way we have preserved our tradition. We have fixed temporary lights in roads and streets. This thing keeps us healthy and after Sehri we keep fast so we have preserved both traditions keeping fast in Ramazan and playing cricket in Ramazan nights.”


We have to keep in mind the value of life because when we play at roads we do not take care of the traffic which is passing every time. Although at night the numbers of vehicles are very short on road but they have high speed.


Some accident took place due to this way because we do not pay attention to the road safety and are busy in cricket so we must take care of these things.


Now a day due to terror activities, panic has spread everywhere, cricket is the only game which is providing entertainment to our people so this must be continued to bring the laughter back at the people’s faces