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Want to Quit Smoking for Good? 

06 Augustus 2011 03:40:43

Want to Quit Smoking for Good?


Ramadan offers the rare opportunity


In every part of the world cigarette is being used as a fashion. Every one wants to adopt this but no one knows its repercussions to human health.


Today science has also approved that cigarette affects human health in more dangerous ways than any other bad habit.


This is so dangerous that the cigarette addict not only himself falls into its hazards but its smoke also affects the health of those people who are around and become passive smokers.


ALLAH has blessed Muslims with the holy month of Ramadan. This month has its own uniqueness. Muslims around the whole world keep fasts in this month. The smokers are found in every society both Muslim and in other religions. Ramadan gives the opportunity to every kind of person to quit addiction of smoking and all such bad habits like chewing ‘Niswar’ because when a person is keeping fast of fourteen to sixteen hours then in one month he can give up this habit.


The researches say that Ramadan is the great opportunity for Muslims to quit cigarette which is a powerful addictive substance.


It is also pertinent to mention here that the smokers’ mouths emit unclean and foul smell ‘like a cigarette astray’ said one scholar, and it can be got rid of.


Islam has also emphasised on cleanliness and hygiene. This is considered the part of Faith. So if somebody wants to stay safe from cigarette and other forms of addiction he can avail this rare opportunity.


Some addicted persons present a lame excuse that smoking provides relief against tension. The Islamic researchers cite Quran that solace and relief could only be had through remembering and recalling Allah.

People who smoke simply waste money and Islam has also prohibited wastage of resources including money so the person who smokes is definitely committing a sin.


Talking to INFN Muhammad Saeed, 40 , said,  “In Ramazan, I  am trying very hard to give up this curse but this takes time and due to extra use of cigarette my lungs have been damaged to some extent. I have to go to doctor for every month for check up. This thing disturbs my household income and I advise the youth that they should not involve in this lust.”


Another victim of cigarette Ali Butt, 28, talked to INFN said, “When I entered the university life, I began to use cigarette as I wanted to follow my stylish class fellows who were using it. Abruptly I was being victimised in this curse and now only within six years I have become a lungs patient, so I advise to the newly admitted students to avoid this thing.”


According to a survey, almost 50 percent deaths from lung diseases happened due to the excessive use of cigarrettes and smoking.