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Founding Editor: Shafqat Munir   

Mobile Phone Mania: 

06 Augustus 2011 03:39:04

Mobile Phone Mania:


On the verge of destroying the emotional youth of Pakistan


There was time that people used to tantalise to talk to their near and dear ones and it was very difficult for the people to meet them too. But nowadays it is very easy for the people to use mobile phone for this purpose.


However, it is a facility which should be used to facilitate ourselves and be used for good purpose but there are people especially the youth who use it excessively which is very bad for their health and for their wallets as well.


We Pakistanis have lot of free time because we do not like to do any innovative work and just see others while they are doing something. In this way we have made ourselves just lazy spectators.


The night-long packages, ladies packages, SMS and call packages have been spoiling our youth and different mobile companies are giving incentives like free minutes and free chatting for quite long hours which are wasting the students’ time and they end up in poor performance in their examination.


It seems like the conspiracy of our enemies to indulge our youth in the irrelevant things which are leading to the bringing at stake the whole economy and the development of our country. The youth are the asset of any country if they would not be educated well then no prosperity could be possible in the country.


The future of any country depends on the youth as well while our country has more youth population than others which if not trained would make our country very much backward.


The invention of the mobile is by the western nations and they are the leading countries making advancement in mobile technology but nowadays Pakistan has outclassed them in using mobile phone in variety of ways.


Other nations use mobile only for specific purpose but here it is used for entertainment which is an alarming situation for us as a nation.