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Rain makes fasting easy for people 

05 Augustus 2011 05:00:11

Rain makes fasting easy for people


Another spell of monsoon has begun in different parts of the country making fasting easy for residents of twin cities. “This spell of monsoon will be continuing till Tuesday 9th August.” MET spokesman told INFN.

People of different parts of country are happy with this spell of rain because due to scorching heat of sun, intensity of warmth was increased to great extent.


However on Thursday heavy rain received by different parts of the country has made weather pleasant.  In last 24 hour Kohat has received the highest rain 41 millimetres, Islamabad (Saidpur) 38, Rawalakot 20 and Lahore 17 millimetres.


This rain has also brought smile on the faces of the fast keepers who were very upset due to heat because the first two fasts were very difficult.

A resident of Islamabad Muhammad Tauqeer talking to INFN said, “Thanks God, who blessed us with rain in this holy month of Ramazan because first two fasts spent in very depressed condition. Now I am happy that this week fast will be spent in cold weather.”

Ali Raza who is a labourer talking to INFN said, “I am very happy that in hot weather I was unable to observe fast because I had to go for doing work. Now this rain decreased the level of warmth. With this weather I can do work as well as keep fast.”

Yesterday the Meteorologist department predicted the rain in upper parts of Pakistan that proved right.