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Demand of Artificial Jewellery on the Rise: 

04 Augustus 2011 05:01:11

Demand of Artificial Jewellery on the Rise:

Despite being cheap, it is match-able with nearly every dress

Due to the increase in the prices of gold Ornaments within few months which has made it difficult for the people to buy women decoration made up of gold while a surge is seen in the demand of artificial jewellery which is more affordable and can also be made on demand as well.


Women especially the young girls have started taking interest in the man-made and machine-made artificial jewellery after the real gold ornament were taken beyond the buying range of the masses.


No doubt there is almost no re-sale value of these artificial ornaments but despite this, people love to buy and wear matching jewellery with the clothes they are wearing while the gold cannot be remoulded to match different dresses due to its high price.


Nabila Anjum said, “I love to wear artificial jewellery items because it is cheap to buy. I buy matching jewellery with my whole lookup which is very awesome to wear.”


Almost every single woman apart from the very much affluent people can be seen wearing artificial ornaments. But nowadays even the highly well-off people are using it due to variety which is surpassing the real jewellery.


Masood Raza, a shopkeeper of jewellery shop said, “You can not recognize this stuff whether these are real or artificial one which is the artefact of talented people.”


“Nowadays the middle class families are buying for their brides specially designed artificial jewellery which looks better and more presentable. These ornaments cannot be distinguished from the real one.”


In this era of modernization, the notion of rich and poor has been removed in relation with buying and using the jewellery because no one could buy the gold ornaments and even the well-off people groan in buying them now.