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Sanctity of the holy month makes no difference for adulterators; 

03 Augustus 2011 05:19:25

Sanctity of the holy month makes no difference for adulterators;

Low quality items being sold in different markets

People are complaining of the substandard food items of kitchen in the weekly bazaars even in the holy month of Ramzan and the sanctity of this sacred month is not even taken care of while shopkeepers are fleecing people on their free will.


“The items which are being sold in the Sasta bazaars are of low quality and there is no specific difference of prices as compared to the normal market and no control of the concerned authority is seen in this regard,” complained Mrs. Falak Adnan shopping at Weekly Bazaar of Aabpara.


The prices of onions and potatoes are recorded higher than the previous week while the prices of other commodities of daily use have also been raised manifold. Even in the beginning of Ramzan, a surge is also seen in the prices of fruits as well. Fruits like apple, Pomegranates and others have also been made unique and out of buying range of the middle class due to the high prices what to talk of the have-nots?


It is very unfortunate that whereas prices of commodities are decreased before the commencement of the holy month of Ramadan in all Muslim states, Pakistan observes exactly the opposite.


It is really a contemplating moment for us not only as a nation but also as the followers of Islam that increasing the prices in the beginning of Ramadan itself speaks volumes about our moral and ethical values.