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Horrible barber shops in twin-cities 

04 Augustus 2011 04:49:13

Horrible barber shops in twin-cities


Fatal diseases spread like forest fire while the barber shops have become safe heavens for germs to breed


The mushroom growth of the haircutting and fashion saloons is observed across the twin-cities and thousands of people go to these hairdressers daily.


These barbers cut hair, dressing of hair, shaving and trimming of beards without letting the horrifying condition of their apparatus seen.


Majority of the residents living in these cities avail services of the hair-cut by these barbers who carelessly use one razor for many people which spreads the diseases to others while affecting and engulfing the already distressed men in serious ailments which are disastrous most of the time and their prevention is beyond the control of ordinary treatment.


They use old and dirty tools for cutting hair and the condition of the scissors, manual clippers, straight razors, and brushes are really deplorable which they have been using for years but they do not bother to change it after a certain time which is necessary for keeping the bacteria and germs from speeding.


Many people have being reportedly declared the victims of fatal diseases over the year due to the unhygienic environment of the barber shops present in the cities. But these barbers are almost oblivious of the sterilising process.


Every third person in the community gets to the barber’s shop for keeping himself clean by trimming and shaving the hair and beards. The young people very frequently visit these shops because of their stylish and fashionable savvy and trendy nature.


Muhammad Kaleem said, “I have become a victim of Hepatitis while getting my hair cut in these shops as barbers do not take care of the cleanliness. I am a patient now and when I visit these shops they use the same towel and other tools which they use for all the people who come to their shop.”


“How would they ensure our safety if they are using same tools for all the customers,” He added.



While talking to INFN, Mustafa Ibrahim, a hairdresser said, “We cannot keep and afford to buy separate towels or tools for every single person in this sky-rocketing spiral of inflation widespread in our country.”


Muhammad Kashif said while talking to INFN, “I do not like to come to these nasty and horrific hairdressers’ shops but it is inevitable to get haircut and we have no alternative as well.”


This is a very serious matter of cleanliness and hygiene which can bring disaster while spreading the fatal, epidemic diseases if not controlled. While these barbers are only bent upon earning money without spending a single penny and are using year-old tools which they once happen to buy.