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Believers forced to have ‘Dark Sehri’: 

03 Augustus 2011 05:18:26

Believers forced to have ‘Dark Sehri’:

Load shedding goes unchecked in the Holy Month of Ramadan

Ramadan has commenced but the genie of load shedding keeps on haunting most parts of the country.

The assertion of Pakistan Eclectic Power Company (PEPCO) and Karachi Electric supply company (KESC) has not been fulfilled in most of the cities on the first day of Ramazan as unscheduled load shedding continued.


Most of the cities including Lahore, Rawalpindi, Kasur, Gujranwala and other Areas of Punjab faced the prolonged power outages in Sehri timing also, making it difficult for them to prepare meal and have it in time.


People faced difficulty in having ‘Sehri’ – the morning meal that starts the fasting. Household women faced difficulty in preparing edibles during the Sehri time.


Talking to INFN Muhammad Amjad, a Rawalpindi resident said that “government has no fear of God in the Holy month of Ramazan. We have no water and others necessary things which is important for the Sehri and Iftar time. All these things are missing because of absence of electricity.”


Another resident of Islamabad Muhammad Ejaz said, “During the Sehri time we felt difficulty for eating things and lack of water we could not offer the prayer. I appeal the government to end load shedding at least in Ramazan otherwise we have no expectation from this government to control things.”


A demonstration against power outages was also held on the first day of Ramazan in Lahore during the Sehri time. People destroyed the furniture of WAPDA office, burnt tyres at different roads and shouted slogans against Lahore Electric supply Company (LESCO). The mob appealed the government to end load shedding especially at Sehri and Iftar time.


Karachi also faced the menace of power outage during Sehri time. KESC’s assertion to end load shedding proved to be a practical joke for the people. KESC CEO Tabish Gohar assured the people of Karachi that during the Ramazan and afterwards, Load shedding will be confined only to four or five hours but this claimed proved wrong on the very first day when most of the areas in Karachi had to have Sehri without electricity.


According to KESC spokesman, “we will certainty end the load shedding after getting the oil from Pakistan State Oil (PSO) and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited.” He said that the gas which is being provided is incomplete for ending load shedding all at once.