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Youth complains about discriminatory policy of Bait-ul-Mal; 

03 Augustus 2011 05:06:03

Youth complains about discriminatory policy of Bait-ul-Mal;


Degree withheld at QAU for non-payment of dues;


PM and President requested to intervene to save career


“The authorities of Pakistan Bait-ul-Mal (PBM) are completely towing biased, unjust and discriminatory policies and are rewarding only blue eyed having political approach and influence,” Naveed has alleged.

“I approached many a time the PBM headquarters with my documents complete in all respect to get stipend but the concerned authorities sitting in the office of PBM neither listened to me nor accepted my documents to be considered for stipend,” Naveed Ur Rehman r/o Attock City who recently passed his MSc (Economics) in first division from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad confided this talking to INFN.


While giving details of his ordeal, Naveed said that his father was a tailor who was meeting the expenses of the family with great difficulty being only earning member of the family. Naveed said that he passed his MSc in session 2009-11 from QAU in first division but his degree was withheld by the university authorities because he could not pay the dues.

He said that as belonged to a poor family and could not pay his university dues and to get financial help he approached PBM with the requisite documents but Assistant Director PBM Faisal and another official Rana always rejected his application on the one or other pretext and also misbehaved and insulted him. He said that his file No 352 was still lying pending in PBM without any reason.


Naveed also alleged that his class fellows who were having political influence had received stipend from PBM but he was ignored. He said that university had held back his degree because he could not pay Rs 63000 university dues. He said that he could only pay dues if given stipend by PBM.

Assistant Director PBM was contacted repeatedly but he was not available for comments. Managing Director Bait ul Mal Zamurd Khan when contacted on his cell phone told INFN that allegation levelled was baseless as all the stipends are given on merit and not on the basis of political influence and approach. He promised that he would look into the matter of Naveed-Ur-Rehman himself and if found eligible and on merit all his dues will be paid by PBM directly to the Quaid-e-Azam University without any delay.


Naveed has also requested Prime Minister of Pakistan and the President of Pakistan to intervene and get the matter solved as his education and carrier rests on the timely release of funds from Bait-ul-Mal.