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Parents protest against reopening of schools and colleges during Ramadan 

02 Augustus 2011 04:58:28

Parents protest against reopening of schools and colleges during Ramadan


FDE overexcited to celebrate ‘Independence Day’ forgets to look at the Calendar;


Decides to open schools on 10th but 14th August falls on Sunday


Schools and colleges located in the Federal Capital are going to reopen after Summer Vacation before the mid of Ramadan i.e. on 10th of August causing manifold problems for the children, parents as well as teachers serving in the Federal capital.


Most of the people living in Islamabad belong to far-flung areas of the country and go back to their homes during summer vacation and it is very difficult for them to come back on 10th August and then leave for their homes again in the last week of Ramadan for the celebration of Eid with their near and dear ones.


While the decision to reopen schools and colleges during Ramadan is adding to the anxiety of the parents also as they will be facing the extra financial stress on their wallet since they will be forced to spend money on traveling of kids from the home towns to the capitals just for a week or two and then the families will have to be moved to the hometowns for Eid. And this is not it. The poor and helpless parents will once again bear the traveling expenses of the whole family returning to the capital soon after Eid so that their children may join schools.

However Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Balochistan governments and education policy makers seem to have acted wisely by deciding that schools and colleges are going to reopen after summer vacation in the first week of September i.e. after Eid which is being termed as a good decision meant to facilitate people.


Mr. Muhammad Amjad a teacher in the capital who lives in Sindh said, “It’s very difficult for us to get to hometown and then come back to Islamabad twice i.e. once during Ramadan and then after Eid. There is also pathetic public transport in our country which is making even more difficulties in moving.”


The parents of the children studying in educational institutions under Federal Directorate of Education (FDE) Islamabad are also complaining of this strange decision terming it to be mismanagement. The decision of reopening schools at an inappropriate time is making them worry about the anxiety which they are going to face.


While talking to INFN Kamran Shahid a father of two sons studying at Islamabad College for Boys (ICB) said, “I cannot afford to go to Peshawar and bring back my children just for two weeks along with the whole family who are there to spend vacations. It is no less than a nightmare that the whole family will have to move to Peshawar again for Eid and it makes my heart drown in fears when I think that after Eid I will have to shift the whole family once again to Islamabad in this era of sky rocketing inflation. The policy makers should act wisely and stand in our shoes before making such unfeasible and illogical decisions.”


“The reason behind taking this decision of reopening schools and colleges has been the overexcited willingness of Federal Directorate of Education to celebrate Independence Day i.e. 14th of August with full zeal and fervor. It was said by the Director Model Colleges that students will prepare for different celebrations for the Independence Day in these 4 days after reopening of schools on the 10th of August,” told an insider of FDE talking to INFN on condition of anonymity.


“However, the mismanagement and poor planning of FDE becomes very evident when you get to know the fact that 14th of August is on Sunday this year, which is public holiday. Even if they were aware of this fact and are planning to celebrate it on 13th or 15th of August then they can also celebrate ‘belated Independence Day’ in September after Eid,” he further argued.