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Talented Youngsters’ shows their creativity 

01 Augustus 2011 05:25:56


Talented Youngsters’ shows their creativity


Young brilliant boys and girls from across the twin-cities showed their latent potential of dancing, singing, hosting and modelling (cat-walk) here on Saturday night in a Dreamland Islamabad which was organized by Studio 5.

New Pakistani talent is being promoted by the ‘Studio 5’ while no discrimination is being done in this regard. Any one who has the passion and the talent for the Art can be welcomed by the young promoters.


The youngsters give amazing performance in different ways especially the two underage boy and girl who sung astonishingly while the boy singer was also the student of the renowned personality Nasrat Fatai Ali khan who enthralled the audience with their enchanting and melodious voice while two female dancers also entertained them.


Ms. Fouzia Iftikhar organizer of the Studio 5 fashion show said, “We are the new, young and latent talent promoter, we welcome people who are passionate to learn Art and we give them this platform to make their talent polish and to make them a great personality.”


“Pakistan has lots of talent and they can do wonders but there is lack of promotion of their talent and they don’t get the right place to learn while no opportunity is given to them. We Pakistani people go abroad to hire talented people but we don’t care and pay heed to the bundles of potential lying here which is rusting and spoiling by not giving preference.”


In this fashion show almost 16 models, 5 singers and some 3 three dances along the hosts who performed well during an event while giving the message that we can become whatever we want.