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‘Entertainment Needs of Women Busy in Dull Domestic Work’: 

27 Julie 2011 08:30:00

‘Entertainment Needs of Women Busy in Dull Domestic Work’:

2nd-Ever Painting Exhibition in COMSATS

The painting exhibition titled ‘Safar’ by American prize winner artist professor Nargis Khalid was held at COMSATS University on Tuesday.

Being the second ever exhibition at the university, 29 selected paintings from her profile were put on display to motivate young artists and students which focused on women talent, lives, their freedom and entertainment needs who remain busy in domestic work making their lives dull.

Painting were hanging under decorated lights at the library of COMSATS university that attracted the viewers towards them because of their artistic worth and meaningful message and compelled the people and students to visit the library for exhibition.

While talking to INFN, Nargis Khalid said, “I have an immense affiliation with art for the childhood. I always want to highlight the talent of women in my art who spend and spoil their talent in domestic works and people do not know about their hidden qualities. Mostly people like appearance of women but they have no concern with their hidden qualities which is more valuable than physical beauty.

Paintings are the language of the artists who expose their feelings, thoughts and observations to the viewers. Nargis wants to highlight the issues of women and intends to do something for them who cannot use their talent because of busy life routines at home.

“The Rector, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT), Dr. S.M. Junaid Zaidi is having a very refined and strong vision towards Visual Arts and he is always very supportive for the promotion of Art and Design in society. Dr. Zaidi wanted to provide a platform for the faculty of Art and Culture at CIIT and other young upcoming artists,” Ms. Farrah, who is a fine artist and Associate Professor at the Department of Architecture and Design, said. She was the curator of this exhibition also.

Nargis used water colours, oil colours, ink and clench as paint on her self-made paper and each painting was trying to give a distinct message to the spectators at COMSATS University. This exhibition will continue till 15 August, 2011.

Nargis further said, “Painting carries smiles and happiness in our lives and fetches beautiful colors which is a blessing for every one”.