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Media persons from radio attend sensitization session on Gender Equity 

27 Julie 2011 08:42:26

Media persons from radio attend sensitization session on Gender Equity

Media personnel related to radio were invited for Media Sensitization Session on Gender Equity. This was the third in the series of sessions, which started on 25th July, with the print media, while 26th July was dedicated to the electronic media personnel.

The objectives of the initiative are to sensitize the electronic and print media, regarding the issue of women empowerment and use it as a medium for advocacy.

Individualland Pakistan, with the partnership of Aurat Foundation, under USAID supported Gender Equity Program (GEP) has held the first of its series of workshops in Islamabad from July 25 to July 27, 2011, on sensitization of media on gender equity, in nine districts of Pakistan. Media personnel belonging to print, T.V, radio and social media participated in the sensitization sessions.

On the final day Ms. Kanwal Naseer Radio/T.V. Producer, was the chief guest on the occasion and distributed certificates among the participants, at the conclusion of the session. Ms. Seemi Kamal, Chief of Party, Aurat Foundation was also present at this concluding day of the sensitization sessions.

Gender inequality is one of the most pressing issues in Pakistan. Social taboos, religious and cultural elements are among the leading factors that result in a society that does not believe in Gender Equity. Individualland Pakistan, with the support of Aurat Foundation and USAID endeavors to take steps in this direction that will help create awareness among the society on this sensitive issue through the media personnel related with TV/Radio, Print and Online media. IL has also conducted a base line survey to find trends and perceptions of various media projections among the communities. The project will also contribute to lobbying and advocacy of this important issue by using media platforms, particularly to influence the policy formulation process.