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Flood Warning issued, Army deployed at Nullah Leh; 

26 Julie 2011 09:05:09

Flood Warning issued, Army deployed at Nullah Leh;

5 die as roof caves in, 2 drowned

At least five persons died when the roof of a house collapsed after heavy rain in Sihala and 2 were reported to have drowned in Nullah Leh on Monday.


Administration of Rawalpindi has called on Army for rescuing the people living on sides of Nullah Leh. The twin cities have been receiving heavy spell of monsoon shower for the last two days.


On Monday, Islamabad received 42 millimetre rain and Rawalpindi witnessed 20. Due to this heavy spell of Monsoon the situation of Nullah Leh became deteriorating and alarming on Monday Morning to some extent. Later on, the water crossed the danger sign and the warning alarm was sounded to vacate the surroundings of Nullah Leh.


At some places, water entered the houses. The Rescue-1122 and Army had been called in the Leh’s surrounding areas with necessary aid and rescue equipments.


“Rawalpindi Administration has established six campuses for the affected people. The water level is now under control and it is not necessary to shift the people to other places now.” said DCO Saqib Zafar.

According to meteorologist department there was no immediate danger of floods with the recent torrential rain that has blanketed the twin cities.