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SC orders ‘DG FIA to be presented handcuffed before court’; 

26 Julie 2011 09:04:23

NICL Case:

SC orders ‘DG FIA to be presented handcuffed before court’;

Reserves verdict on transfer of Zafar Qureshi

The Supreme Court (SC) seems to have enough of the delaying tactics from government side as Chief Justice (CJ) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has ordered the Secretary Establishment to arrest the DG FIA and present him in court with his hands cuffed, immediately, during the hearing of NICL case on Monday.


Before the start of proceedings of the case, the Registrar Supreme Court presented the report relating to DG FIA’s summons and said that he was reportedly on his way to the court as told by the operator who attended his phone but later on it was revealed that Tahseen Shah has gone to Karachi.


SC had earlier issued summons to DG FIA and Secretary Establishment to appear before the apex court. Sectary Establishment came to court instantly but the DG FIA did not present him in the court. On this, court showed displeasure and asked the Secretary to present DG FIA before court after arresting him.


The Attorney General (AG) presented details of the bank accounts of Moonis Elahi and Habib Waraich’s wife in the court and told that 1.3 million Pounds have been transferred in UK banks. Attorney General said, ‘we have been discussing this matter with Britain Authorities but still there is no progress in this case.’


CJ said that the political interference has begun in the court’s affairs. One man wants to uncover the perpetrators but government does not want it to happen. “We had issued Qureshi’s reinstatement orders on 1st July but the government has taken no action. Rather it started against him proceedings of misconduct on 2nd July,” remarked CJ.

The AG requested the court to give more time but SC denied giving it. Chief Justice said that ‘we have already given enough time.’


Justice Amir Hani also remarked, “It seems that nobody wants to act upon the court’s orders. We are calling DG FIA but he is not presenting himself in the court.”