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Oslo extremists’ attack seems part of politics of hatred against immigrants, especially Pakistanis 

23 Julie 2011 07:13:29

Oslo extremists’ attack seems part of politics of hatred against immigrants, especially Pakistanis

Oslo shoot out by right wing European extremists is ostensibly to pressure the left wing coalition government to discourage immigrants, particularly Pakistani community, whose second generation is well placed in gaining competitive positions including deputy speakership of the Norwegian Parliament. Mr Akhtar Chaudhry holds this post.

Over 90 political activists who were attending a political gathering are reported killed, non of them is reported to be from Pakistani origin. Right wing extremists - with anti-migrants views –are reported to be behind the attack. Norwegian Andres Brevick, 32, in Police uniform shot the young people.

Commenting on the situation, an expert on International affairs, John Samuel told INFN though there are new racist anti-migrant right wing groups in Denmark and Sweden, Norway was supposed to be better. Now this act of extremism has proved it wrong. The right wing apparently seems angry because it is a coalition of left-green in power, lead by Stoltenberg, since 2005 and they won election in 2009 again. The left wing coalition government is soft on immigrants and many Pakistanis are active in the left wing politics, he added.

Talking about the Rise of Right-wing Extremism in Europe, John said there have been right wing anti-migrant racist groups in Sweden and Denmark. There are many reasons for this. While the first generation migrants were at the lower end of the professional ladder and informal sectors such as cleaning, small time corner shops, the second generation migrants are educated, smart and compete for jobs with the locals. And in a society that is so used to be 'taken care of', there is a growing irritation about successful second generation migrants.

“And most of the migrants in Nordic countries happened to be Muslims for Asia or North Africa- and this too strengthened racial and ethnic prejudice. Norway is one of the safest and peaceful place in the world. - and migrants got equal rights- and all benefits. And the government is left-green. Hence the young group of right wing extremists must have decided to strike- and this may have a lot to do with Nordic level networking - as there are well-established right-wing network in these European countries,” said John.

Norway is the paradox of prosperity. Their annual income from oil alone is US$ 40 billion. Norway got the highest per-capita income and human development index. And Norway has been the most sympathetic country to migrants. Most of the migrants came from conflict ridden countries- and got all support- and once they become Norwegian citizens, they have equal rights.

“But at the same time, below the surface of progressive left-leaning policies, there is also a conservative Norway. It is the most' Christian' among the Nordic countries. Lutheran church is primarily supported by the state as salaries for the pastors come from the state-budget. Liquor is highly taxed. And many feel that 'migrants' are parasites. Many young people- who are used to getting easy jobs- may get irritated and Asian migrants, particularly form Pakistan did very well economically within thirty years. So all these create the paradox of new wealth- where 'outsiders' are seen to 'steal' the goodies and job,” added John Samuel.

Various world capitals sound with ‘Little India’ or ‘China Town’ but Oslo’s Groenland area is known as ‘Little Karachi’ and is famous for its growth over three decades as European city with multiple ethnicity with a South Asian touch.