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Miraculous treatment of incurable diseases: 

17 Julie 2011 10:44:37 nm

Miraculous treatment of incurable diseases:

Mushtaq Baba serving the suffering humanity

Virtuous persons always perform impossible things in the world and surprise people with their wonderful and sensational work in the society that is directed to the betterment of the suffering humanity at large as cure. Mushtaq Baba, 65, is one of them who are exceptionally kind and patient in dealing with sick people with the help of hidden qualities and effective use of Holy Verses referred to as ‘Damm’ in the local language.


Mushtaq Baba is a shopkeeper and has been dealing in fabrics for the last 35 years at Melody Market in Islamabad. He has been performing this spiritual task by reciting of Quranic Verses as treatment and panacea for the sick people who suffer from different disease like Hepatitis A, B, and C; cancer; T.B; Breath diseases and joint-pains as well. A large number of people from different areas come at his shop for receiving this spiritual remedy for getting their health back.


When INFN talked to Mushtaq Baba, he told, “I have been doing this spiritual cure for the last 32 years for those people who are fed up of their lives because of incurable diseases like Hepatitis C and Cancer. Unlike doctors, I do not charge a single penny from these suffering and disease-struck humans. I have a great attachment with my ‘Peer o ‘Murshid’ Sufi saint Zinda Peer, of Ghamkol Sharif and there is a pray of his behind me that has blessed me with this quality of curing all diseases.”


“I am so thankful to Allah who has given me an opportunity to look after troubled human beings. I am very glad on this and confess that I am not claiming any credit for this ability but it is Allah who gives them health and cures what has been declared incurable by the medical practitioners.” Mushtaq added smilingly.


Talking to INFN a patient nearly 85 years old, Gulam Fatima said, “I have been visiting this sacred place and I come all the way from Sarghoda for the cure of hepatitis C. Now I am feeling better than before after visits on two consecutive Saturdays.”


Abdul Khaliq, 57, another beneficiary said, “I was suffering from breath disease and a relative of mine brought me here for cure because he got well from a similar disease after visiting this blessed Baba.” Rashida Bibi, 45, said, “I come here on every Saturday and I am recovering fast from my disease on ovarian cysts.”


Mushtaq Baba treats ill people only on Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm and a large number of people are seen on his shop. He gives one page which contains some holy Verses to drink after dissolving it in water twice a day till one week and he provides a special oil for joint pains and advises the patients for using it at night on the affected area. He has no lust of money in the form of fee unlike others and does not believe in any diseases being labeled as ‘incurable’.


When INFN contacted Dr. Abdul Basit, Medical Specialist PIMS, he told, “It is the miracle of Allah who gives health to those people who suffer from incurable diseases like Hepatitis C and Cancer through the reciting of verses from Holy Quran. Our medical field is surprised on this unbelievable cure as where our medical research ends, the spirituality begins.”