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Syria needs democracy and Pakistan’s full support 

17 Julie 2011 10:49:57 nm

Syria needs democracy and Pakistan’s full support

People of Syria-Libya and Yemen await Pakistani support against dictators;

Pakistani Govt asked to end diplomatic relations with Damascus, Yemen and Libya: Syrian Union Federation in Pakistan

The Syrian students who study in various Pakistani universities staged a protest and a sit-in in front of parliament against the brutality in Arab world by dictators and demanded the Pakistani government to support the people of Syria while calling their ambassadors to their country by finishing diplomatic relation with them and also demanded the Syrian ambassador to Pakistan to resign from his post for pressurizing the Syrian government and support the helpless and innocent people.

“If France, America and the UNO can call back their ambassadors from Syria, why not Pakistan? Why they cannot do the same to help and support the helpless people of Syria?” said a Syrian student union’s chairperson, Abdul Razaq.

He added, “What happened to the Arab League and the OIC? Why they do not they come forward and take action against the tyrants, brutal dictators, who have wretched havoc in their countries while killing and torturing the innocent people?”

While talking to INFN, Zaheer Habib, a Syrian MBBS Doctor said, “We are requesting our brother country Pakistan to break the silence while helping us in restoration of democracy in our country. We are Muslims and we Muslims will help each other while our enemies cannot help us. We are now demanding the help of foreign office and human rights organization to ward off the dictators from our countries.”

“So far over 1,300 peaceful Syrians have embraced martyrdom at the hands of Bashar’s troops and about 10,000 have been wounded, some 15,000 arrested and about 6,000 are missing.” youth chairperson said.

“We call upon our Pakistani brothers and sisters to pressurize their Government to condemn and register a strong protest against civilian deaths and brutal use of Bashar’s force and their ambassador should stand with Syrian people by visiting various cities suspected of massive military action and on the other hand the UN and OIC should also use their influence for the exiting of Syrian dictator,” the protestors demanded.